In Season Student-Athlete and Women’s “Struggles”

This last week was craaaaazy. We finally are in season, but this also comes with a lot of stress, no time, and phases of bad moods because I am hungry, tired, and a female. If you didn’t know, athletes are always hungry. Especially me. Sleep, having 4 hours practice each day, go to classes, study, sleep and start it all over again takes a lot ofenergy, so food is a good option for the free times in-between all of those activities. I get those food attacks, when I just want to eat everything. When I say everything, I mean fast food, chocolate, donuts, and all those healthy nutrition options, but then I try to calm myself down, look at the positive side of life and tell myself, no not today. 2 hours later I have a donut, crêpe, or waffle in one, and a cup of coffee/cappucino in the other hand. But well, that’s not the only “struggle” I am facing at the

I am a senior, I am only taking 7 credits and I am actually getting too much sleep in the last time. Too much you think? Yes, too much. If the past three years you were only able to sleep 5-7 hours a night, 10 hours everyday can make you feel like a wobbly, tired student athlete throughout the whole day. Mostly, when you are waking up right in the deep sleep period, and you just hit your alarm or throw your phone around the whole room, and think s**t. Oh well, this is another “struggle”. I can tell you.10921722_10101791900274408_653742942_n

Going from having too much sleep to the biggest “struggle”: being a female. Right now, I am not talking about unequal payments, the unfair treatment of women’s and men’s sports, and so on, which would be a great topic to write about in future posts, but the real female struggle is the “sudden and over the top” (as my boyfriend edited into this post) mood changes. Sometimes one doesn’t even know how to control them mostly during that period of the month every girl loves most. So male readers listen up: sometimes you think women know exactly what they want. But we don’t. The only thing we know is what we hate, dislike, and think is unfair. Definitely this special time of the month is one of those things we hate, dislike, and think is unfair. So, just accept one week of craziness a month. Thanks. Also, shout out to my boyfriend and partner in crime who is doing a great job so far accepting my craziness everyday.IMG_5437

Honestly though, women, including myself, can get those mood changes for 365 days a year, which are 8760h, or 525600 min. Yes, it is a lot of time for us to be happy, sad, pissed, annoyed, angry, furious, and pleased. Only the smallest, but really smallest things can bring us women on the palm. Can you say that? Well, in Germany you say it that way/ international problems.

Generally, one can say that women are just emotional human beings, who need a lot of care and love in order to find something that still is not right. I am not making a generalization here, I am just saying how it is sometimes, but I grew over this stage now and set myself the motto: See the bright side of things. Have a smile on your face, and enjoy life with all its surprises. Surprises sometimes can be nice, and sometimes … not really, buuuuut well, see the bright side of it. At least you got surprised.

Another thing I am trying to see the bright side of is the GRE test. Its coming up, and its coming up soon. Its really time I need to take this horror 5h test, which feels like it lasts for 100 days, whilst sitting in a room with other crazed monsters that probably didn’t sleep for the last 5 days leading up to the test, trying to get all the information crammed in their brains. So, I will be sitting in a room with zombies, who are well prepared and trying to get this done, whilst I am tired of having 10 hours of sleep. Tough life.

You are probably asking yourself why I want to take the GRE. Doesn’t she want to go back to Germany after finishing college as most of her German friends studying in the US, or doesn’t she want to go pro as all of her teammates? No, I want to do my master as a Tennis GA in the United States of America. It is what I have decided on and I want to stick with this plan. More about this chapter of my life will follow soon.

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