What world are we living in?


Waking up every morning, I’m scared to turn the TV on to see what is going on in our world. At first, the plane crash over Egypt, …then the three attacks tonight in Paris. I keep on asking myself:

What world are we livening in that people think they have to express their religion or opinion with killing others?

What world are we living in that terrorism is the only form people think to be heard?

What world are we living in that taking away loved family members and friends is the solutions to someone’s problems?

What world are we living in that that human lives are worth less than the opinions of individuals?

What world are we living in that hours of fear and anxiety rule people’s lives because some individuals want to express their beliefs?

Sorry, but in what world are we living in?

How far has humanity come? I couldn’t agree more with the words that are trending on the Internet and around world at the moment: I see humans, but I don’t see humanity.CTvEsUXUYAAQmOX.jpg-large

As explained in by Merriam Webster dictionary: “Humanity is the quality or state of being human; the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals; ALL PEOPLE.” Everyone is a human and everyone has the right to live the way they want. Everyone follow their own religion and make the choice in what they want to believe in. No one, but no one has the permission to kill someone because of their beliefs, life style, how they dress, what they eat, or even with whom they are friends. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. TERRORISM CAN NOT BE THE SOLUTION for anybody’s problems.

I can’t even express in words how I feel at the moment about the current events in Paris. I should be doing work, but cant focus because my thoughts and heart are with everyone in France. I cannot comprehend why people behave this way and think that it is the solution for their problems. I hope that the whole situation can soon be resolved, and put to bed, so that all the hostages and their families can be back together soon, and so that the bereaved families can find some sort of peace amidst this sickening day. #PrayForParis