New Year’s Resolutions – Yes or No?


Hello 2016!!

Gosh this past year flew by and without knowing where the time went I came to the conclusion that it was pretty successful. I don’t want to annoy you with the same old stories about getting my bachelors degree and starting my master, bla bla bla, but lets talk about New Year’s resolutions. Do you believe in them? Or do you think, same as me, that many people make promises they can’t keep? The feeling of excitement and starting afresh into the New Year transports many people’s minds into dreamland.


Here some of the most common resolutions:

“Get fit.” -> Did you already sign up for a gym membership?

“I will lose half of my body weight.” -> First of all, do you think this is healthy? I don’t think so.

“I will never put a cigarette back in my hands.” -> Then please don’t ask your friend to hold it for you. Thanks.

“I will save up some money, read more, learn how to cook, travel, watch less TV, get off social media (which would be a huge mistake, because it’s awesome), and don’t drink.”

Did you find yourself in these New Year’s resolutions?

If so, then I am sorry, because in the second week of January your dream bubble probably explodes and brings you back to reality and then you reach the same moment as every year: “Oh well it didn’t work again, lemme try again next year.”

DUDE, we are just 2 weeks into 2016, give yourself some cheatdays and if today already was your cheatday, then try to get back at it tomorrow. Everyone only needs a little bit of discipline and will, and you can conquer the world. Just do it, as Nike would tell you now and I couldn’t agree more.

In 2012, my New Years resolution was to go to a country on the other side of the world, start my degree, make friends from all over the world and stop being a baby that gets homesick and gives up a dream opportunity. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy and still is not, but I made it and kept my resolution al4055c0b9ef911b1875d1ac105074e190.jpgive until 2013 [where I probably made a resolution that I broke 2 weeks later]. Buuuuut, nevermind because I allowed myself to fail and then stood back up to try again. It’s not about how many times you fall down, its about how many times you get back up. Now, I am stuck in this wonderful land, called America, and even call myself Germerican. Hello? That’s crazy, but I love my life free from resolutions and just the will to follow my dreams. I take every day at a time and make it happen.



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