Back at it …for real!

Did you ever feel you want something so bad that you would give up everything else for it? I definitely did, multiple times, for different reasons, but at this moment in life, my little world started spinning again in the universe of those tiny – felty – yellow balls. Entering the professional tennis universe has always been a lifelong dream of mine and I can’t wait to start this adventure, as well as letting you be part of my journey.
ToniOpen2016-RomyKoelzer-0409.jpgHave you ever done something outrageous? Something no one expected, but for you it felt like the best decision ever? Maybe it was running a marathon, or doing a bungee jump, which for me would not even be imaginable because I am super afraid of heights and I think that people who jump of bridges and cliffs with a rope around their feet are ‘crazy’ people, but hey, if it makes them happy, please go ahead and do whatever puts a smile on your face! After almost one year of not playing the sport I love, some people may think I am ‘crazy’ to have chosen this path after completing my Masters. I just missed this sport and everything that comes with it so much, that I couldn’t resist to take this opportunity and see what joy it will bring in my life.

My body definitely doesn’t feel any joy at the moment 😀 You probably know the feeling and how hard it is to get back to practice when you had an injury or a cold; multiply the days you were not able to do your favorite sport by as many days, weeks, and months, that it adds up to almost one year and you will have an answer. Not practicing for so long and not having any time to workout next to my classes, studying, and my job makes my life right now that much harder, but you know what? I love it. I love it so much that even whenToniOpen2016-RomyKoelzer-0341 I am totally out of breath and my body hurts at places where I didn’t even know are muscles, I want to go beyond, push harder, and see how much better I can get. Isn’t that what we all love about sports? It is all on you and your willingness to work harder than you think you can. Day by day I see improvements; everything is a work in progress. The rock to climb sometimes seems so high, however, lemme tell you one thing, I am ready for it.


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