Positivity is Key

Uiuiuiui, it has been busy, as I have been jet-setting through different countries in Europe for the past weeks. Going from Germany to Luxembourg to Italy and tomorrow back to Germany and finally to Sweden for my last two tournaments of the year (visiting my VCU Ram Sofia.. YAY <3). Time has flown by and I really can’t recall all the experiences I have made in these past weeks. You know the feeling when you are so overwhelmed by a new fullsizerender
world, culture, and people? A combination of all different kinds of impressions can take your breath away and you sometimes have the feeling to choke. On the other side though, all the memories and experiences are something so brightening and make you wake up everyday because you are excited for the day to start.
I have been on the pro tour for exactly two months now and it has changed my life and goals completely. How things turned out and how you start seeing your potential in a specific situation can change your views and actions from one to the other second. As I hated, yes I think I can use the word hate here, my first experiences in this world, I started loving it, because you meet so many new people, and some of them are actually super nice, which made my life so much easier – puh! One of the most important things though is to create an environment around yourself in which people care and support you in any given situation. Trust, mostly in pro sports, is something so important and helps you to make one step forward, one step closer to your goal.
The best advice I got during my time in Clemson was to surround myself with positive people and vibes. It is so, so easy to find people with a negative attitude, or people who just spray around this nasty and funny smell of negativity. I promised myself that I don’t want this anymore for myself. Everyone has a choice, so surround yourself with happy and positive people and your life will be so much better. My pro-tour-life turned out toIMG_6768.JPG
be full of happiness and energy; being around the right people plays a huge part in my daily well-being.

Put yourself out there, make friends and with a second look you can decide who you want to let in your circle of positivity. *yay*

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