Welcome back!

God, it has been forever. I missed this moment so much: Coffee, 1h of time to myself, and write down what’s on my mind.

Hi, and welcome back to myself and all of you guys.

I really missed this. I promise myself and I promise you, such a long break won’t happen again. Why? Because I have finally settled in.

This tennis world has been crazy and I didn’t really know what’s going on (I still don’t sometimes :D); how to handle the stress of playing, traveling, making friends, and be a good human being, as well as being good to myself and not losing myself in helping others and be the teammate I used to be in college. The pro Tour is no team-sport and you have to look out for yourself. I had to learn the hard way, as I got disappointed here and there and sometimes you just don’t get back what you’ve put in. I know, I know, this is how life works, still, it was tough for me to realize and mostly accept it.

So, here we are, 9 months later, after traveling all around Europe and the USA, way richer in experience and more constant in hitting around a yellow fluffy ball, after my one-year-long tennis break.

I guess let’s get this journey finally started!

Next to the tennis life, my private life changed, too. I moved in with my boyfriend and we settled down in one of the best cities ever, Cologne, Germany. Next to the ‘Dom’ (cathedral), this city is full of secretly hidden and amazing coffee shops, great restaurants, and lots of green spaces. Next to shopping and crowded streets, you also have quiet parts where you can relax und unwind. I love it. I also love my new way of eating: vegan. This is a topic for another post though. 😛

IMG_6316.JPGSo this was just a short summary of what’s going on. Now I am off to practice!


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