Graduate School – A new chapter of my Germerican life

Sorry I haven’t been very active over the past few weeks, but there has been so much going on that I did not even have time to go to Starbucks to get my daily blonde roast coffee with skim milk and brown sugar. I couldn’t give up on my daily treats though. A cookie here and a piece of cake there is a must for me and I just need those kinds of sugar bombs to survive and have enough energy to apply for grad school, scholarships, and keep myself active. As I already explained in earlier posts, hard work pays off and I have some good news!
1525300_10153190314346422_3178849272427470061_nFirst of all I had to graduate in order to apply for graduate school. I did not even have time to tell you about those good news, but here you can see some pictures from our private 11138072_10153190311751422_2361572771280266784_ngraduation with President Clements. We were not able to make it to the regular graduation ceremony because we went to University of Alabama to qualify for the Sweet 16 (and we did!) So we had the privilege to meet  and chat with the President of Clemson University in his well decorated office and take as many pictures as we wanted, which was great, because girls love to take pictures. 😉

So here’s the actual big news: I just got accepted to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. From now on, I am going to be a part of the Rams family, but am still a Tiger deep down in my heart. Once your blood runs orange and purple it will run this way for a lifetime. I am going to study Sports Leadership at VCU and I am very excited to be living in a bigger city, such as Richmond, Virginia. Meeting new people, living in a new place with my new roommate Virginia, finding new coffee shops to go hang out and study, and mostly starting my coaching career will be a wonderful new experience and at the same time a challenge I want to take on.g1snz88eu2ri2blf

Uncertainty can be fearful and can drive me crazy at times, as my boyfriend and parents can confirm, but I am very happy I took a step into the right direction and I hope I can help the girls at VCU to develop as people and tennis players, as I did during my collegiate career.  With this said, I also want to thank my teammates, coaches, and Clemson University again for the past three and a half years. It has been a blast. Once a tiger, always a tiger!

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